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modular robot cell - overview, description of the robot cell, parts trays and movers

ProFeeder can be built up in 3 stages.

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The robot cell, ProFeeder, allows for an easy introduction to [robotic] automation.

ProFeeder is a compact and mobile robot cell, which forms a framework for assembling robotic arms from, e.g., Universal Robots.

Besides functioning as a mobile platform for robotic arms, ProFeeder is designed to store parts in one or more parts trays. The parts tray can either be installed in the robot cell itself or in a mover so that the (un) processed parts can be easily led to and from the processing machines.

The modular ProFeeder robot cell can be built up in 3 stages, in line with the need to increase automation in the production process.

Stage 1, ProFeeder Light increases efficiency and flexibility in production and makes it possible - unmanned - to run a small series production on, e.g., urgent orders or additional orders; the solution can be expanded to Stage 2, ProFeeder, which increases efficiency in order to run small and medium-sized series production in an automated 2-shift operation on a CNC or milling machine. The ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder solutions are mobile, compact and easy to move around between machines with a pallet truck.

Stage 3, ProFeeder Multi is the stationary solution used in fully automated 4-shift operations and in the production of large series.

ProFeeder is compatible with robots from: ABB Robotics, Fanuc, KUKA Robotics, Motoman and Universal Robots, and tested with, among others, the gripper from OnRobot.

ProFeeder består i hovedtræk af tre grundelementer 

Robot Cell

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The robot cell is the basic module of Pro-Feeder and provides a framework for the robot's location and it contains both the processed and unprocessed parts, either as a holder for the parts tray (ProFeeder Light) or as a station for the mover (Pro-Feeder and ProFeeder Multi).

The compact and mobile robot cell design offers maximum flexibility in production, so that the robotic arm can be placed on all three sides. The compact design ensures easy access to the production machines.
The robust rail system has been developed in such a way that, among other things, the robotic arms from Universal Robots can be easily installed.

The ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder robot cell solutions can be easily moved around with a pallet truck.

The robot cell comes with a range of solutions for control panels, tables, and fixtures, making it suitable for the construction of complete and fully automated assembly cells.

Parts Trays

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The subject trays have interchangeable perforated plates; they can accommodate all item types and can be replaced by thin plate feeding for edge bending.
The perforated plate ensures that the parts [items] are optimal for the robotic arm's gripper. Our solution is, among other things, tested with the gripper from the Danish ON Robot.

The parts trays are easy to replace on both the basic module of ProFeeder Light and the mover.


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The mover is used to transport the parts trays to and from the ProFeeder. It is easy to lead the mover into the robot cell even when all 4 parts trays are full. The parts trays are automatically centred in the robot cell.

When upgrading from the ProFeeder to Pro-Feeder Multi, the mover is expanded with an elevation and displacement module.