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ProFeeder Multi

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Fully automated robotic production

When you need to increase your production ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder can be upgraded with a Multi-module.

ProFeeder Multi is a stationary solution that increases the capacity of the ProFeeder from one to four parts trays; it enables the production of large series in a fully automated four-shift operation. Manual intervention is limited to simply filling the parts trays and replacing the feeder, typically about once a day. Any downtime is reported by a text message.

The return on investment for ProFeeder Multi is approximately between 1.5 to 2 years.
ProFeeder Multi comes with 2 movers, each with 4 parts trays.

The ProFeeder Multi solution has provided the Danish company Egernsund Machinery with savings of 14 man hours on their two-shift operations.

To learn more, please see the short video about Egernsund’s experience with ProFeeder, under the heading - Brochure and video