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Pehama Productions A/S
 exhibit at Automatik 2016

You will find us at the Technological Institute’s STAND 1572, where we will present the latest generation screw driving robot.

Screw driving robot with new camera sees new application opportunities.


is being held for the seventh time in Brøndby Hall from the 13th-15th of September 2016. Here, the Danish Technological Institute Center for Robotics will bring and demonstrate a development of the screw driving robot, which they have built in cooperation with Pehama Productions for Universal Robots' robot arm production.

“This is an upgrade of the robots that have been operating in Universal Robots' production for half a year, as we replace the laser sensor with a camera that makes detection of screw holes more generic,” says technical leader at the Technology Institute Søren Peter Johansen. He continues:

“To begin with, we could only find screw holes when we knew where they were located. With a camera, we can now locate screw holes in any product. This opens a door of opportunity for screwing solutions, that also can be used by many other companies in many diverse products - even in small order sizes.”

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The newly developed robot that you will be able to experience in action at the Automatik Exhibition, is already ready for production and will be driven directly to Universal Robots' production in Odense, as soon as the lights in the Brøndby Hall are turned off.

“We are in dialogue with many customers who are interested in a solution like the one they have seen at Universal Robots. With the newly integrated camera, we can now meet this demand,” says Sales Manager Frank Damkjær from Pehama Productions.

The newly developed screw driving robot also uses UR+ technology, which makes it easy to integrate with other technologies - such as robot, vision, grippers and soon screwing equipment. You can then instruct this all into one device.

Come by stand 1572 in Brøndby Hall and look the screw driving robot in the eyes while you hear about how you can use screw driving solutions for your products.

In the above video, you can see a short teaser for the reengineered screw driving robot, where Søren Peter Johansen puts his fingers at stake.